Coastal Goods is a small, family-run company dedicated to bringing many of the world’s finest flavors into your kitchen through our carefully curated and crafted seasoning blends. Nigel Dyche and Sarah Chase are the husband-wife team, founders, and creative impetus behind Coastal Goods. The couple travel to ports hither and yonder with both a keen appetite and culinary eye in a quest to turn gastronomic idiosyncrasies that define their destinations into an exclusive and accessible array of seasonings. As a matter of fact, their romance and entrepreneurial collaboration was ignited during a winter sailing jaunt around the islands of the French Caribbean. While cooking in the boat’s compact galley, Nigel and Sarah became enthralled with the ease in which the vibrant herbs and spices of the French West Indies infused remarkable flavor complexity into the fresh but limited provisions of shipboard life. They soon hatched a plan to bring the tastes of their tropical travels back home to their gray and winter-wind-battered kitchen on Nantucket Island.

In 2002, after a solid decade of success spent introducing rubs, drink rimmers, and other unique seasoning concepts to specialty food markets, Nigel and Sarah sold their original seasoning company, Nantucket Offshore Seasonings, in order to start Coastal Goods. From the get-go, the momentum behind Coastal Goods was to begin by focusing on what they had come to believe were the world’s two most important as well as popular seasonings – namely salt and pepper. Sarah’s Sea Salt, the former company’s best-selling seasoning line, was retained to anchor and inspire expansion for new Coastal Goods lines, such as Salt Sensations and Pepper Perfections. Culinary travels continued yonder to India in search of exquisite, single-estate peppercorns hand-harvested and sun-dried on the vine, and then to Vietnam for cinnamon of unsurpassed fragrance.

Our modern day spice routes have not always been smooth or as glamorous as they may sound, though the juxtaposition of experiences, sometimes maddening and sometimes magnificent, makes it all worthwhile. Along the way, we have encountered our fair share of persnickety customs agents and a stubborn herd of sheep blocking our Fiat’s route while winding through the hill towns of Tuscany, only to be rewarded by five hour vineyard lunches filled with as much local laughter as libation. Fortunately, we have learned that you don’t have to share in our jet lag and globetrotting in order to experience the extraordinary tastes of our travels because our main mission is to have our Coastal Goods products transport your palate magically and memorably to a few of our favorite places., near and far.

While Nigel takes care of all the packaging, designing, shipping, and day-to-day running of Coastal Goods, Sarah concentrates on putting her cookbook writing background to use for customers by sharing recipes she has created with Coastal Goods products. Sarah has been writing cookbooks since the mid-1980’s when she co-authored The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook. She went on to write The Nantucket Open-House Cookbook, Cold-Weather Cooking, Pedaling Through Burgundy, and Pedaling Through Provence and co-authored Saltwater Seasonings – Good Food from Coastal Maine with her brother Jonathan Chase. The first two titles featured recipes from Sarah’s Que Sera Sarah storefront, the popular prepared food shop and catering business Sarah ran on Nantucket throughout the 1980’s.

Sarah and Nigel currently live on Cape Cod with their teenage son and squirrel-chasing Jack Russell Terrier. When not cooking with Sarah’s Sea Salt or luxuriating in fleur de sel, Sarah devotes her time to writing and researching recipes. She writes a weekly food column for Nantucket’s Inquirer & Mirror newspaper, teaches cooking classes, does culinary consultations, and she has just finished writing her seventh cookbook, New England Open House with 300 Recipes Celebrating the Bounty of New England.

In our quest to bring you the most sublime flavors the world has to offer, we at Coastal Goods have traveled to ports of call hither and yonder, seeking the most exquisite ingredients to create our exclusive seasoning collections.

Coastal GoodsThe husband/wife team of Nigel and Sarah are the founders and creative impetus behind Coastal Goods. While armies are known to march on their stomachs, Nigel and Sarah tend to travel the world with a keen culinary eye for those gastronomic idiosyncrasies that define their destinations. In fact, their romance as well as entrepreneurial collaboration began during a winter sailing jaunt around the islands of the French Caribbean. Inspired by the vibrant seasonings of the West Indies and the ease with which these herbs and spices infused the limited provisions of shipboard living with intense flavor complexity, the couple hatched a plan to bring a bounty of equatorial spice back to warm their wind-whipped Nantucket Island kitchen.

Coastal GoodsAfter over a decade of success in introducing unique seasoning concepts to specialty food markets, Nigel and Sarah sold their original company to start Coastal Goods in 2002. From the get-go, the idea behind Coastal Goods was to begin by focusing on what they had come to see as the world’s most important as well as popular seasonings: salt and pepper. Indeed, Sarah’s Sea Salt – one of the couple’s first and best-selling seasoning creations – became both the anchor and inspiration for Coastal Goods expansion into the new product lines of Salt Sensations and Pepper Perfections.

The Malabar coast of India for the plumpest peppercorns. Vietnam for the world’s most fragrant cinnamon. Grenada for great nutmeg, and the South of France for the crunchiest sea salt.

At Coastal Goods, we travel to ports of call hither and yonder to unearth the most sublime flavors and ingredients to make our sensational seasoned salts and peppers, organic spices, and other artisanal foods.

Our philosophy is to start with the best in order to end up with the very best products. Along the way, we’ve encountered persnickety customs agents, tremendous five-hour vineyard lunches, and a stubborn sheep that wouldn’t grant our Fiat the right of way in Italy. Whether fiasco or good fortune befalls our route, it’s always well worth it when we arrive back home to recreate the most unique and memorable tastes from our travels.

You don’t need to be a globetrotter to experience the most outstanding flavors the world has to offer. We bring them to you in all their intensity. Tastes and seasonings that will transport you in a flash to faraway locales. Right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

From our kitchen to yours, great recipes from Coastal Goods partner and cook book author Sara Leah Chase.  You’ll find lots of deliciously creative ways to use our spices and seasonings.

Coastal GoodsSarah Leah Chase began her culinary career after graduating magna cum laude from Harvard College. Having fallen in love with Nantucket during summers spent there since childhood, she became a year-round resident in 1980 and opened a specialty food shop and catering business called Que Sera Sarah. With an ever-changing array of carryout dishes inspired by the fare Sarah had savored during European travels, her shop quickly became a beloved island institution.

In a twist of fate befitting the name of her business, Sarah launched a complementary career in cookbook authoring when she met the ladies running Manhattan’s Silver Palate during those early years of catering. They invited her to collaborate on their new book project, and The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook (published in 1984) became one of the first cookbooks to hit the New York Times best-seller list.

Coastal GoodsSarah’s first solo publication, Nantucket Open-House Cookbook (now in its eleventh printing), features recipes and anecdotes from the decade of running Que Sera Sarah. Cold Weather Cooking – written in response to the frequently asked question, “What do you do during the winter on Nantucket?” – followed in 1990. A couple of years later, she teamed up with her restaurateur brother, Jonathan, and wrote Saltwater Seasonings – Good Food from Coastal Maine. Her two most recent titles,Pedaling Through Provence and Pedaling Through Tuscany, found their inspiration the numerous bicycle tours Sarah has lead through Europe for Butterfield & Robinson Travel.

Sarah currently resides on Cape Cod with Coastal Goods founder Nigel and their son. In addition to writing a weekly food column for Nantucket’s Inquirer & Mirror newspaper and a monthly magazine column for Nantucket Today, she teaches cooking classes across the country and she has just finished writing her seventh cookbook, New England Open House with 300 Recipes Celebrating the Bounty of New England.

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